Where can I watch the streams by Dolomiti Live Cam?
On this website, the Dolomiti Live Cam official Mobile App and the authorized sites, such as Bergfex.

If I install a webcam at my place, can I also put it on my website?
Certainly. The rules of our Copyright allow all those who will become part of our network to get a code string in order to put our players in any authorized web site.

What are the advantages of installing a webcam?
By hosting a Live Cam you will have the chance to show everyone what you see from your window, sharing your panorama and the weather conditions of your location. So you will attract on your website millions of visitors that are equivalent of potential customers, if you have a business!

Where can I buy a Live Cam?
Our Live Cams are not for sale because we prefer to entrust them on loan. Our HD streaming service, in fact, is all inclusive: Dolomiti Live Cam provides technical support for the installation of the webcams, a powerful infrastructure to ensure the functioning of a huge flow of data and visits, the inclusion of the streams on our platform and its entire advertising system.

How much does it coast to put on line a Live Cam?
Less than one espresso a day.

Can I watch Dolomiti Live Cam's streams even on mobile devices?
Sure! Our technology allows the vision of all our Live Cams on smartphone and tablets, both on Android and iOs.

I would be interested to install a webcam, but I live outside the Dolomite area. Can I still take advantage of your services?
Although it will be appropriate to consider the possibility of hosting or not your Live Cam within this portal, we can still provide you with our technological support. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find the right solution for you.

I would like to host a Live Cam and get into your network. What do I need?
Basically you need to have a nice view from your window which has to be interesting for touristic interest or weather reasons. Then you simply need a fast Internet connection. We do the rest, just contact us.

How much bandwidth does a webcam need?
The streaming quality of a Live Cam may depend on the available bandwidth, so the faster is your line, the higher is the quality of the transmitted images. Anyway, in order to host a webcam, the upload speed of your Internet connection must be at least 350 kb/s in upload.

Your platform is really interesting and much visited so I would be interested to place banner ads within your web pages.
Nothing could be simpler. Do not hesitate to contact us and obtain detailed information on our advertising system and its costs.




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