The model of trade and tourism promotion proposed by Dolomiti Live Cam is entirely managed by us. First of all, in case of need, our company provides the necessary infrastructure to put online the webcams: in fact we are able to bring the Internet connection even on the top of a mountain by installing radio links. So we can transmit high-definition images from the most remote mountain huts and not only from urban locations. In addition, to ensure the maximum quality of service, Dolomiti Live Cam offers its webcams on loan, taking care of installing them and managing a powerful server that can support a huge flow of data and simultaneous visits.

Besides the specific use we make of our Live Cam on this portal, our streaming technology presents an infinite range of possibilities. Here we decided to list some possible areas of use of our cameras.

Tourism promotion

Dolomiti Live Cam is the ideal site for tour operators that want to promote our wonderful land, its activities and its events in an efficient, fast and addictive way. Putting our Live Cams on a website or a social network could be decisive to choose a holiday destination for a very big target of visitors.. Dolomiti Live Cam will give you the incredible feeling of physically being at the place that you're watching on a screen. The pictures of our webcams will help you choose the perfect location for you and your family. No more doubts! What Live Cams propose to you is the reality, as well as you find it on your arrival! Dolomiti Live Cam is a new way of communicating. The images "speak" and "tell" places, traditions, history and culture, all of which are aimed at promoting tourism globally!

Traffic informations

The Dolomiti Live Cam technology is a great tool for providing traffic informations in the field of urban and suburban roads. Our webcams positioned at strategic points are ideal for monitoring the turnout in the city areas of greatest interest, the LTZ and the public safety in the particularly critical points. Simply with a "click" from your smartphone, you can choose to reach your destination along the fastest route avoiding those with higher traffic, saving time and reducing CO2 emissions.


Have you ever thought to use the Dolomiti Live Cam technology in the field of constructions? Your customers will be able to constantly monitor the progress of the works and visit the sites in the comfort of their own office. This represents a striking advantage when you have to ensure high standards of quality, continuity and compliance with deadlines. You will constantly monitor the status of the work and the safety of the construction sites, in real-time and with great ease.

Sport and leisure

Sport is your passion? Dolomiti Live Cam is on the line to broadcast strong emotions! Webcams transmit to the visitor the same adrenaline, participation and enthusiasm that athletes feel during competitions. Experience the thrill of facing vertiginous descents on the ski slopes or the beautiful trails designed specifically for snowboarders and mountain bikers. The Dolomiti Live Cam technology is perfect for every sports discipline so every detail will be reproduced with stunning clarity.

Pubs and entertainment

Enjoy to virtually visit the most characteristic and fashionable pubs, spas and all that you will find on this fascinating territory. Visiting them in person during your travels is no doubt great, but thanks to us you will keep dreaming to be there and experience that atmosphere through the webcams. Not only the customers will benefit from this service, but also the operators who will have the privilege of putting their business at the center of the world: any event organized in your area will take place on a worldwide stage.

Live events and advertising

Sporting conventions, concerts, festivals, conferences, workshops... are just a few examples of events that can be played live on any browser or mobile device, thanks to our webcams. The big event organizers can choose Dolomiti Live Cam to promote the scheduled events; customers of sport centers will be able to monitor the condition of the snowpack, the slopes or the trails before embarking on their adventures. Thanks to social networks, spreading the news of the event and attracting spectators will be simple, quick and convenient. In addition, real-time statistics will be useful to measure the audience and event streaming performances.

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