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Dolomiti Live Cam has become the reference portal dedicated to the wonderful land of the Dolomites for all webcam enthusiasts. Our site and its new App are constantly attended by an increasing number of visitors and some of our Live Cams, in less than two years, reached peaks of more than 500,000 visits from Italy and abroad, ensuring an enormous visibility to anyone who has chosen to host them: hotels, lodges, cottages and so on. The player of each Live Cam, in fact, refers directly to the respective hosting structure, but it is not over. Our platforms, in fact, provide many advertising spaces and they can be filled by countless banners featuring different sizes and different levels of visibility.

Placing a banner ad on Dolomiti Live Cam is very easy and represents a particularly effective way to offer great visibility to any business, event or whatever. Of course you can adhere to our advertising system even without hosting a webcam, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



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